There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew. Marshall McLuhan

Gardens are great places to teach children about magic. Pop in a row of radish seeds and presto … two weeks later those tiny seeds are transformed into something tangible.

Gardening can also teach valuable life lessons at any age. It is just a fact of life that there is a LOT of physical work behind every bountiful harvest.

Happily there is no need for every new gardener to reinvent the wheel when there are ever so many tried and tested ways to use Practical Magic to help your garden grow.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO



How your garden grows is only part of the journey.  CLICK HERE for information about preserving your harvest.

If the need ever arose, it would still be possible to live in comfort and dignity by borrowing pages from the past. CLICK HERE to learn how.

If you want to be happy for a day, get drunk

If you want to be happy for a week, go on holiday

If you want to be happy for a month, get married

If you want to be happy for life, grow a garden

Although I am retired now, I was lucky enough to earn my ‘daily bread’ doing something that I loved. No matter what path you follow, if you have to provide food for a fundraiser or festival, you may find it helpful to CLICK HERE for helpful hints.

At some point in time, death is the price we all pay for living.

Dogs are essential to our well being because they teach us to live in the Now.   They do not say “I am too old to be loved” or “I am not healthy enough to be loved”!    They do not wait to love until later!

Dogs embody the spirit of Carpe Deum and we are all richer for it!