There is no age limit on love

We met the world’s most brilliant bunny in the woods this morning.   Or perhaps I should say that I saw her.   She was standing stock still so that she would not attract the dogs’ attention as they sniffed their way along the path.    Not to be mean … but she was easily within range of their long lines.

Now in the dogs’ defense, there is enough wildlife foot traffic in our woods to keep their noses busy along the way.    To be fair, Henry is now completely blind as a side effect of the caninsulin for his diabetes.    And of course, now that they are both eleven, there is just much more moseying along and much less full speed ahead 🙂

It is no secret that I love, love, love senior pets.   They bring a special sweetness to the table that is particularly appealing.   Even better, most senior pets are already experienced at love and are ready to be great companions right now.   Best of all of course is that there is simply no substitute for the Zen they bring to any space they inhabit.

As a sidebar note to that, bonded pairs of senior pets have an additional advantage when they are adopted together.   Their new home will not seem so strange when they bring their buddy with them 🙂

Right now there are two beautiful bonded poodles available for adoption at the Lillian Albon Shelter in Amherst.     At nine years of age, Willy and Daisy are actually quite ‘young’ seniors.   These lovely toy poodles have been together for their whole lives and the shelter is looking for a home with enough heart to adopt them both.

Why would such great little dogs need a new home?    These beautiful little dogs came into care when their owner passed away.     They have years of experience at being great buddies and are already house trained!

To be perfectly honest, I really envy the kind heart who winds up adopting these two    ( For more information about adopting them, PLEASE CLICK HERE )

What time is it?   It is always time to remember that pets are never, ever too old to be loved.

We are always the same age inside.      Gertrude Stein