Life’s occasions
should be celebrated!   Weddings and handfastings!   Anniversaries and births!   Religious festivals of all sizes and stripes!   If there is one common denominator it is that food often plays an important part in most festivities!

For thirty odd years, before I retired, I was a cook in the Canadian military. This section is meant to share some of the lessons learned during that time … as well as the ones I’ve learned volunteering with community dinners and feasts of all stripes.

Sharing lessons learned
Feasts – whenever groups gather, odds are they will want to share a special meal!

Fundraisers – meals are a popular way to raise money, yet volunteers often have to learn lessons the hard way.

Checklists are a useful tool to coordinate work and communicate with volunteers.

Safety Issues. Whenever food is being served to the public, there is a responsibility that must be considered in the planning process.

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. Oprah Winfrey

When you bring food to the table,
should you serve cocktails beforehand? Wine with the meal? After dinner drinks? To be perfectly honest, if you are hosting a private party at home, there is nothing wrong with such service for friends and family. Do remember that in most jiurisdications, hosts who serve liquor have a legal obligation to ensure that their guests do not get behind the wheel if they are over the legal limit
The rules are different for meals served by non profit groups for fundraising purposes. Even though the “profit” is going to charity, I don’t know of any jurisdictions that will not require a temporary liquor license for the event. Please note that this is not required for events held at establishments where there is a liquor license, provided the staff prepare and serve the meal and alcohol.
As a general rule of thumb, weekend camping festivals find it simpler not to provide alcohol, even if meals or a feast is provided for the participants. Even if noone is driving during the weekend, it can be a challenge to get insurance for events where alcohol is served or even permitted