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Moving at the speed of Love (reprised)

These days it would be a stretch to call our little sojourns a walk.    Why?    The short version – to paraphrase Bette Davis – is that old age is no place for sissies.     Henry is completely blind now (from the diabetes).   We are both a bit arthritic these days too, eh?

So why do we still head out twice a day .. weather permitting?    There is absolutely nothing wrong with his nose!    Henry can still smell the tracks that I can only guess at without a fresh coat of snow.   Even better, he is still as bright as a new penny and can remember every driveway where people come out to wish him well.   Best of all of course is that unless it is minus many, Henry is still eager to go.

So very much has happened with respect to animal welfare since I adopted Henry in 2008.     In 2008 the SPCA were catching and killing feral cats.    Now they have a fabulous mobile spay neuter van touring the province to help feral colony caregivers.    Does this mean that I think the SPCA are perfect now?   Of course not!   I still believe that trying to wear both SPCA and AC hats creates conflicts that get in the way of genuine count ever pet that is taken in No Kill.    The sticky subject of governance issues  and how they have discouraged the development of any long standing local relationships with volunteers is also a testy topic for another day.

Still … to be fair .. they are trying in their own funny way.     Branches that have physical shelters are now offering open admission.   Low cost spay neuter is more readily available.    And my personal favourite is the emergence of more ‘fix your momma’ programs.

Gosh, with the advent of the regulations for the Animal Protection Act, their cruelty investigators have been actually pressing animal cruelty charges!   Before the keyboards cat(ch) on fire here, the sticky subject of the vigilante cat rescuer is a testy topic deserving of its own post on another day.

So with all that goodness, are we actually at No Kill Nova Scotia?   Absolutely not!    I am appalled when people claim this.   Why?   Because it only provides justification for all the well meaning Starry Eyed A***oles who keep dragging dogs in from the States and beyond.     After all, what is the harm if Nova Scotia is No Kill?

Here is the thing.   Here in Nova Scotia, each and every municipality has their own distinct arrangement for animal control.    Some contract out the sheltering services.  Others contract out the whole shebang.   Other municipalities still have their own pound and pound keeper.  Just to make it more ‘interesting’, contractors can be the SPCA or a private company or an individual.

In other words, if there is one constant, it is that there is no constant.

So here in real world, a No Kill SPCA motto does not even come close to No Kill Nova Scotia.   It also means that every rescuer I know has a waiting list of surrenders.    In realspeak that means that most rescues cannot even come close to accepting all the surrender requests they have.

What happens to the ones who cannot find a safe berth with rescue?    What do you think?

Now I can understand the desire to help.     Nor does anyone want to see adoptable pets be killed when they could have a home.

All I am saying is that includes the pets who are already here in this province, eh?

What time is it?   Henry began his journey to the comfy bed by my side when he was impounded by Annapolis County Animal Control.    It is always time to remember that we will never get to No Kill Nova Scotia until there are rescue slots available for all the impounded and surrendered dogs in this province.

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