Working Without a Net

Like many baby boomers, I am old enough to remember when the internet and cell phones were the stuff of Jetson style fantasy! Funny as that might seem to some folks now, we managed to lead full and complete lives without today’s technology.

Admittedly, I am as accustomed to computer and cell phone convenience as anyone else. If … for anyone of a variety of reasons .. that changed, I would have to take a page from the past. There would be no more paying bills at home in my flannel jammies and bunny slippers. In the absence of cell phone service, I would have to go back to the more expensive land line provider that still offered service after the electricity was out.

The bottom line is that things would be much less global and information would be less immediate. It could revert to the kind of world my parents knew as children, when events would be yesterdays ( or even last week’s or last month’s ) news before folks would find out. Even worse, it could revert to the type of world where pagans could live their whole lives without being aware of those who practiced in their own community!

The saving grace for any of us would be the more immediate protection offered within our own communities. That is particularly important for the pagan community, that has come to depend on the net for solidarity, eh? Which of course is we should all know who our fellow pagans are in the real world …. for safety’s sake!

So here is today’s thought …. while it wonderful that we have so much social networking at our fingertips, we would all be well served to stay in touch with the folks in our own communities. By all means, use all the tools at our disposal today … but remember that only human connections can transcend the lifespan of servers and satellites.